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frequently asked questions

Can I park there as a staging area to go riding in the hills?
Can I buy a day pass from you to ride in the hills?

No one is allowed to use our facility as a staging area to ride outside of the facility boundaries. Riding in the adjacent hills is trespassing. DORVAMX does not have any right to lands beyond its own boundaries and does not sell day passes for riding outside of DORVAMX lands. DORVAMX co-operates with our neighbors and strives to keep our landowner relations untarnished. Any vehicle left unattended on the grounds will be deemed to have used for staging purposes. Vehicles with no owner on the grounds or no evidence of a valid day pass or membership for DORVAMX facility use may be seized and towed to impound. Recovery costs are the sole responsibility of the owner of the vehicle.

Can I drive my Jeep on the track?

No. We do not allow anyone to drive a passenger vehicle on or adjacent to any of the tracks or over any of the jumps.

Do you allow quads?

No, DORVAMX does not allow quads on any of the race tracks except for small kids on mini quads (under 12 years old and 90cc or less).

Can I camp there and what does it cost?

Yes. DORVAMX allows club members and day pass users to camp at our facility. You must be either a club member or possess a valid day pass to be on the grounds. We do not provide public camping. Camping is provided for facility users only. All DORVAMX rules apply and all persons must be signed in on the waiver to be lawfully onsite.