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    keylan meston

    DorvaMX is stoked to sponsor Keylan this year! You can follow KEYLAN MESTON directly on Facebook or Instagram, or check in here for regular updates from us.  

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    Passes & memberships

    Adult Day Pass



    Youth Under 12 Day Pass



    Adult Membership



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    Family Membership (3+)




    No one is permitted to ride without a day pass or a valid annual membership, and everyone must sign the online liability waiver (All minors must have an accompanying adult sign the waiver on their behalf).

    • Helmets and proper protective footwear must be worn on the track at all times and in the pits. Full riding gear is recommended.
    • All riders must be aware of, and abide by track direction. Riders must only enter the track when it is safe to do so.
    • When warning flags are present, no double jumping, riders slow down until past hazards.
    • No operation of motor vehicles is permitted while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • Ride within your abilities and experience.
    • Riders under 8 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian while on the track.
    • Facility gate must be closed and locked at ALL times.

    DORVA does not authorize or condone riders leaving the facility to ride in the flats/hills. If your vehicle is left unattended with no owner on site it may be deemed abandoned and towed, costs are entirely at the owner’s expense. Anyone caught riding in these areas or on the AG society's lands may be charged with trespassing.